From where do you get your products?

Many of our products are manufactured in our in-house workshop in Zurich. Wherever possible, we take Swiss companies into account. All wooden cars are developed by CandyLab Toys in Brooklyn, USA. Some are made in Montgomery, Pennsylvania (e.g. the Drifters) and others are produced by CandyLab Toys in their own factory in Ningbo, China.

How soon will I receive my delivery?

After receipt of payment for your order, the items will be shipped immediately so that they can be delivered within 1-2 days at the latest. Except when there is something else noted in the product description. If express delivery is desired (yes, we sometimes miss birthdays) contact us by email, we will surely find a solution.

Transportation costs?

Indeed. At the moment we still have to pay the Swiss Postal Service. They take CHF 7.90 for a package and we will charge you for it. Above CHF 120.- we carry the shipping costs. If the purchased product fits in a C4 envelope, shipping will be CHF 3.60.-

Do you ship abroad?

If Lichtenstein means abroad to you, then yes. For EU countries and overseas, we first have to calculate the individual shipping costs, so the delivery time may be delayed. Additional costs such as customs and freight handling are borne entirely by the buyer.

I’m not satisfied!

Is that so… Well, this too may happen. Not as of yet, but you can be the first! Write us. Of course, we also make mistakes, which we then correct as quickly as possible. If you want to return something, just write an email.

Has my order already been shipped?

Did you receive an order and shipping confirmation via email? If so, yes. It usually takes 1-2 working days. Please note: Before we send the order, the items must be paid for in advance payment, credit card or PayPal.

What happens to my information?

All the details you’ll find here: Datenschutzerklärung

Well tell me, who’s responsible for these lovely pictures?

That would be the very talented Martin Kurz, thank you very much!

Alert, I’vbe found a typo!

You’re welcome, we just put it in just for you. Nevertheless, we are always happy to receive constructive feedback and suggestions to continuously improve our shop and expand it with great products.

About the cars:

Is it okay to chew on them?

Well. Although non-toxic, it is not okay for the little ones to chew, lick, gnaw, or otherwise consume the toys. Please keep them away from their mouth. After all, they are rated 3+. Pay attention to the note on the package.

My kids play rough, can they destroy the cars?

It depends on how well your children can handle woodworking tools. But with their bare hands there is not much they can do other than bite off the rubber tires.

But the color looks shiny, it will flake off?

In everyday play, the cars are likely to experience some wear, dent or scratch. But honestly, that’s how we like them best. It means that they serve their purpose as toys and make our children happy. Alternatively, if you put them on a shelf and dust them from time to time, they’ll stay shiny until the end of time.

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