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Wooden Toy Cars

Probably the hottest vintage wooden toy cars in existance. Meant for boys of (almost) all ages. And of course for those petrol headed girls out there just as much (you rock!).
For playing, collecting and as presents. Designed by CandyLab Toys, USA. No plastic bulls*. No matter whether simply to display and occasionally dust off, or as an everyday tough children’s toy . These toy cars look awesome. Check them out!

ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Choke hazard.



Muscle Cars! Loud. Vivid. Fat V8 sound. Coupe. 1960-1970. USA! f… yeah!
They are our hottest vintage toy cars for them little bullies. We proundly present – our racers:


Design classics from the 70s, more Americana? Ain’t possible.


Feel like driving bad-boy ride? Here you go, check out our lowriders


Riding off the beaten track? Check this out


Hot Rods from the prohibition era. An incomparable journey through time for young and old.


Load ’em up Sally! Here come our Trucks

Buildings, STAC

Modern architectural building blocks. Toll station, lifeguard tower or motel. Our buildings are in the same style and quality as the vintage wooden speedsters. And remember, kids: What happens at the Lone Cactus Motel stays at the Lone Cactus Motel.

Candy Vans

Tiny but packed with fun